Romanticismo 3.0 - The New Romantic Era

Romanticism 3.0 is an artistic, musical, cultural and literary movement that rediscovers the true values of life

Key Points

The key points of the new romanticism are the Art, Freedom, Nature and Sports Values. It promotes art in all its forms and aims to bring man closer to art, making it more sensitive to feelings and emotions.

It fights for the freedom of the soul and of the individual, of thought and expression, values that contribute to the true self-realization of man leading to a new and healthy awareness of oneself. Respect nature by promoting the green economy, helping real and sustainable economic growth by preventing environmental problems and promoting natural and sustainable methods of agriculture.

Finally it wants to spread the sporting values that have a pedagogical function that can counteract the individual and social defeat highlighting the importance of sport in everyday life as a factor of insertion, participation in social life, tolerance, acceptance of differences and respect for rules.

A Hope

The crisis is not just economic. We are going through one of the most acute phases of artistic and cultural abandonment. Romanticism 3.0 is a hope that this particular historical-social moment will be able to activate and reawaken feelings and creativity and to give impetus to a new romanticism not only of the arts, but also of society. We must look back to the great tradition, drawing inspiration from the great artistic values of the past, learning by supporting the present to improve the future.